In a special series, Citiscope profiles urban innovators from Montréal to New Delhi who are improving lives, designs and fortunes in their cities. All spoke at the New Cities Foundation’s 2014 New Cities Summit in Dallas from June 17-19, attended by urban leaders from around the world.

Meet the Innovators

C.E.O., Bridj
Matt founded a pop-up bus service in Boston that may change how we think about mass transit. Read more
Founder/C.E.O., Mark43
Scott created a smartphone app that helps police analyze crime data in real time. Read more
Founder and C.E.O., DAS arquitectura
Gerardo designs mobile parklets to make Mexico City safer to walk in. Read more
Executive Director & Chef, Café Momentum
Chad launched a restaurant training program in Dallas for youth coming out of prison. Read more
Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, NextDrop
Pronita is growing a service that tells people in Indian cities when water will run through their pipes. Read more
Planner, Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute
Su Yunsheng has planned some of China's highest profile projects of recent years. Read more
C.E.O. and founder, Lufa Farms
Mohamed's rooftop urban greenhouses demonstrate a path to making urban farming profitable. Read more
Co-founder, Daily tous les jours
Mouna designs experiences in public spaces where people come together and create. Read more
Founder and C.E.O., Strawberry Energy
Miloš founded a company that is turning charging cell phones into a social activity.  Read more
Founder, Sakha Consulting Wings Private Ltd.
Meenu founded a taxi company in New Delhi, run by women — and for women. Read more
Co-founder, Sanergy
David co-founded a business that turns toilets into an entrepreneurial opportunity in Nairobi.  Read more

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