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This is the Century of the City — a pell-mell movement of the world’s people into urban centers, from provincial towns to gigantic metropolises. The cities’ challenges are the world’s challenges: resilience, social justice, responsive and efficient government, jobs, climate, poverty, democratic participation.

We’ve founded Citiscope as an independent, nonprofit media startup. We believe cities have a lot to learn from each other, no matter what country of the world they’re in. We’re focused on finding innovations in cities around the world and spreading the word about them through quality journalism. Our storytellers are local writers, people who understand the context and culture where urban ideas are born and can track the progress of those ideas.

We seek to serve the architects of this future: mayors, councils, city staffs, and cities’ business, civic and neighborhood groups.  Concurrently, we’ll provide a constant flow of news on major city experiments and breakthroughs to leagues of municipalities, corporations, NGOs, university centers — all those with a special interest in, and stake in, the global urban future.

Check back here for our weekly innovation stories from cities around the world. And stay in the know by following our CitiSignals — quick updates on major urban developments occurring on all continents.  You can get it all in one weekly email newsletter by signing up here, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook. And please send us your feedback. Our editorial team is excited to join you in creating the global urban future, and grateful to have you as part of the Citiscope community!

Neal Peirce, Editor-in-Chief

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