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‘Localizing’ the Sustainable Development Goals isn’t about cities alone. States, provinces and other regions are just as important, notes new report.
Gregory Scruggs July 20, 2017
Where does the United Nations see mayors fitting into the new implementation discussion on climate and sustainable cities? An interview with David Nabarro, the secretary-general’s special adviser on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
Gregory Scruggs November 15, 2016
La Nueva Agenda Urbana, adoptada el mes pasado, fue sorprendentemente enfática sobre el tema, dicen sus defensores, y los alimentos podrían ahora ser clave para la implementación de la estrategia.
Gregory Scruggs November 4, 2016
The New Urban Agenda adopted last month was surprisingly robust on the issue, advocates say, and food could now be key to implementing the strategy.
Gregory Scruggs November 4, 2016
‘All the groups made sacrifices and were very flexible,’ one diplomat said in celebrating the agreement. ‘They were animated by a spirit of going to Quito with a consensus document that we can really implement.’
Gregory Scruggs September 11, 2016
‘Todas las agrupaciones han hecho renunciamientos, dando muestras de gran flexibilidad’, dijo un diplomático. ‘Estaban animados por la idea de ir a Quito con un documento consensuado que realmente pueda ser llevado a la práctica.’
Gregory Scruggs September 11, 2016
Compromise would remove the most significant roadblock remaining in the New Urban Agenda talks — the future of UN-Habitat. But clarity wouldn’t come until 2017 at earliest.
Gregory Scruggs September 9, 2016
As the candidates continue to get pared down, we asked them for their views on cities and Habitat III.
Gregory Scruggs August 29, 2016
Amidst debate over the future of UN-Habitat comes an idea — which observers call an 'open secret' — for a new entity that would oversee implementation of the New Urban Agenda.
Gregory Scruggs August 18, 2016
New details also available on a critical round of negotiations in Indonesia at the end of July.
Gregory Scruggs June 27, 2016
Concerns had mounted that opportunities for hard-nosed negotiating were running short. A new draft of the New Urban Agenda is also supposed to be released by 17 June.
Gregory Scruggs June 13, 2016
Last week, national governments finally began debating the details of the draft New Urban Agenda. Here’s what they had to say — and what may continue to define these discussions.
Gregory Scruggs May 25, 2016
Last week, technical groups presented thematic findings around housing and sustainable urbanization to national governments at the U.N. Here’s a summary of the first five papers and discussions.
Gregory Scruggs May 6, 2016
With the release of the draft New Urban Agenda in sight, diplomats at the highest levels are starting to link the Habitat III process and the Sustainable Development Goals.
Gregory Scruggs May 4, 2016
Final sessions ahead of the release of the New Urban Agenda draft were a master class in urbanization — but did enough countries come to school?
Gregory Scruggs May 3, 2016
U.N. assessment warns that commitments by national governments will achieve only half of the international goal on curbing global warming.
Carey L. Biron November 13, 2015
As country ramps up its Habitat III engagement, old tensions with multilateralism threaten to resurface.
Gregory Scruggs October 30, 2015
Up for decision: Can local governments participate in negotiations toward the New Urban Agenda?
Gregory Scruggs September 29, 2015
City officials from around the world will attend this month’s Sustainable Development Goals summit to pledge their critical support for the new framework.
Jessica Espey and Danielle Petretta September 11, 2015
Through 7 September, process open for input from civil society, academia and the private sector.
Carey L. Biron August 12, 2015
Final SDGs text, likely to be adopted in full at September summit, seen as bolstering local authorities.
Gregory Scruggs August 4, 2015
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