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The United Nations is not adequately adapting its operations and policy frameworks to the new urban reality of violence and conflict. But new tools do exist.
Deen Sharp and Gizem Sucuoglu March 20, 2017
U.N. assessment warns that commitments by national governments will achieve only half of the international goal on curbing global warming.
Carey L. Biron November 13, 2015
As country ramps up its Habitat III engagement, old tensions with multilateralism threaten to resurface.
Gregory Scruggs October 30, 2015
Up for decision: Can local governments participate in negotiations toward the New Urban Agenda?
Gregory Scruggs September 29, 2015
City officials from around the world will attend this month’s Sustainable Development Goals summit to pledge their critical support for the new framework.
Jessica Espey and Danielle Petretta September 11, 2015
Through 7 September, process open for input from civil society, academia and the private sector.
Carey L. Biron August 12, 2015
Final SDGs text, likely to be adopted in full at September summit, seen as bolstering local authorities.
Gregory Scruggs August 4, 2015
A full schedule has been released for the work of the Inter-Agency Expert Group, which is to offer its final indicators proposal by the end of November.
Gregory Scruggs July 27, 2015
Goal 11 target variables still a sticking point.
Gregory Scruggs July 24, 2015
The High-Level Political Forum has met for the last time ahead of the finalization of the Sustainable Development Goals. But the sessions left unanswered many questions on how exactly this body will monitor progress on the goals.
Gregory Scruggs July 9, 2015
Recommendation is included in official report of the first meeting of the IAEG-SDGs.
Gregory Scruggs July 6, 2015
The High-Level Political Forum has to decide on how it will oversee progress on the new development agenda.
Gregory Scruggs June 25, 2015
“Zero draft” also proposes changes to 21 targets, including two for Goal 11.
Carey L. Biron June 3, 2015
Earlier exclusion of Goal 11 had taken urban observers by surprise.
Gregory Scruggs May 31, 2015
With closing debates focused on monitoring and financing, urban advocates are increasingly confident that Goal 11 will be part of the final package.
Gregory Scruggs May 28, 2015
Mayors are pushing for a bigger role for local governments at global climate talks.
Neal Peirce May 21, 2015
Draft themes for the summit's “interactive dialogues” initially included reference to each of the goals — except for the urban SDG.
Gregory Scruggs May 13, 2015
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