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The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community will offer online tools to help resource-strapped cities plan for huge population growth.

November 11, 2016

The tea vendors of India’s capital, many of whom are migrants, struggle to survive in a fast-changing city, Al Jazeera reports. 

November 10, 2016
Six thinkers chart a path toward inclusive urban development.
November 9, 2016
Six thinkers reflect on last month’s conference on urbanization from a social-justice perspective.
November 9, 2016
The New Urban Agenda adopted last month was surprisingly robust on the issue, advocates say, and food could now be key to implementing the strategy.
Gregory Scruggs November 4, 2016
La Nueva Agenda Urbana, adoptada el mes pasado, fue sorprendentemente enfática sobre el tema, dicen sus defensores, y los alimentos podrían ahora ser clave para la implementación de la estrategia.
Gregory Scruggs November 4, 2016

The World Habitat Awards selected a dozen finalists with innovative approaches to sheltering and employing poor urban populations. 

November 3, 2016
La semana pasada, se llevaron a cabo eventos coordinados con el objetivo de complementar, o incluso contrarrestar, la Nueva Agenda Urbana, la estrategia global sobre urbanización sustentable adoptada por los gobiernos nacionales.
Emilio Godoy October 27, 2016
Coordinated events took place last week aimed at supplementing, or even countering, the New Urban Agenda, the global strategy on sustainable urbanization adopted by national governments.
Emilio Godoy October 27, 2016

Better coordination among local and national officials and more emphasis on social inclusion are among the recommendations from EUROCITIES.  

October 27, 2016

A new study from the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy measures access to public transport in 26 global cities.

October 25, 2016
Official and unofficial mechanisms are quickly falling into place to follow and prod implementation of the New Urban Agenda.
Gregory Scruggs October 21, 2016
Rápidamente se están desplegando los mecanismos oficiales y no oficiales para dar seguimiento e impulsar la implementación de la Nueva Agenda Urbana.
Gregory Scruggs October 21, 2016
The primary tunnel in and out of Quito is too congested. As the city works with a Chinese firm on an expansion plan, critics are concerned it will create more traffic and displace residents.
Johnny Magdaleno October 20, 2016
Many were surprised last month when negotiations on the New Urban Agenda kept the term in the final document. Now, efforts have been made at this week’s Habitat III conference to try to explain what this means on the ground.
Emilio Godoy October 20, 2016
A call for mayors to see a strong role in integrating newcomers.
Patralekha Chatterjee October 20, 2016
The Pritzker Prize winner also elaborated on his ‘half a good house’ concept, outlining the five elements — and no more — the state should provide through affordable-housing programmes.
Gregory Scruggs October 19, 2016
The Future Cities project tells stories of the people who make Kinshasa, Lima and Yangon places to watch.
Anna Valmero and Gregory Scruggs October 18, 2016
‘It’s impossible to think the next 20 years could be like the last 20 years,’ said the U.N. official tasked with monitoring the right to adequate housing, as countries adopt the New Urban Agenda.
Brendon Bosworth October 18, 2016
The Habitat III strategy is being adopted as global recognition is picking up that health should be at the heart of city development strategies.
Patralekha Chatterjee October 17, 2016
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