More than 65 million people around the world are currently displaced from their homes by conflict or persecution — that’s roughly the population of the United Kingdom. Millions more are crossing borders in search of economic opportunities they can’t find at home.

While the issue of human migration continues to roil the politics of many nations, it is as much as anything a city issue. Cities are where most of the newcomers are going. But today, it remains up in the air as to how the national and global systems that deal with issues of migration see the role of local authorities.

Still, cities are where many of the most creative solutions are being found to house migrants and ensure that they can live peacefully and productively in a new country. Scroll down below to see Citiscope’s most recent coverage.

The sector’s key handbook is being revised to offer guidance on what actions aid agencies and others should take in cities.
Pamela Sitko May 30, 2017
National governments have authorized the creation of a voluntary fund to support UN-Habitat’s rapid deployment.
Gregory Scruggs May 22, 2017
“Hardly any cities actually take risk into perspective,” said one expert.
Brendon Bosworth May 22, 2017
Six recommendations for building inclusivity in an era of displacement.
C.W. Kihato and L.B. Landau and A. Sarkar and R. Sanyal April 25, 2017
A city policymaker's quest to change the conversation about immigration from 'welcoming' to 'belonging'.
Flavie Halais April 13, 2017
If the region is truly committed to delivering inclusive growth, it must equip local authorities with the tools to connect people and places to growth and wealth.
Daniël Termont March 27, 2017
But some question whether the designation is even necessary in a country with welcoming immigration policies.
Gregory Scruggs February 28, 2017
As displaced people increasingly head for cities, humanitarian actors have started providing shelter solutions for them alone. Here's why that won't work — and also what would.
Roger Guiu and Nadia Siddiqui February 27, 2017
The Vatican sees local authorities as crucial to solving problems such as the refugee crisis and climate change.
Simone d'Antonio January 27, 2017
Five views on what the former Portuguese prime minister needs to focus on as he takes over as head of the United Nations.
Gregory Scruggs January 10, 2017
Startblok Riekerhaven is a ‘European laboratory’ for housing and integrating a wave of refugees.
Letty Reimerink December 8, 2016

A Facebook post by a resident harassed following the U. S. presidential election triggered grassroots support, North Country Public Radio reports.

November 25, 2016
Nashville's MyCity Academy takes the long view on building connections, trust, and leadership among New Americans.
Christopher Swope November 22, 2016
Urbanization tips from Scandinavia and China, culture’s role in building better cities, responding to climate change and migration — and more!
Gregory Scruggs and Carey L. Biron November 2, 2016

Better coordination among local and national officials and more emphasis on social inclusion are among the recommendations from EUROCITIES.  

October 27, 2016
A call for mayors to see a strong role in integrating newcomers.
Patralekha Chatterjee October 20, 2016
La estrategia recientemente acordada para Hábitat III reconoce “las necesidades de las autoridades locales” como “las primeras en recibir a los migrantes”. Pero en la primera reunión celebrada, los gobiernos nacionales pasaron por alto esta respuesta.
Gregory Scruggs September 22, 2016
Newly agreed Habitat III strategy acknowledges ‘the needs of local authorities’ as ‘the first receivers of migrants’. But at this week’s first-ever event, pledges by national governments ignored this gap.
Gregory Scruggs September 22, 2016
Drawing on a uniquely deep history in the Habitat process, the country’s new Liberal government sees a ‘pure alignment’ between its domestic agenda and the social priorities of the New Urban Agenda.
Gregory Scruggs September 2, 2016
Finalmente, la Nueva Agenda Urbana reconoce los desafíos de la guerra urbana. Sin embargo, Hábitat III también debe definir cómo se garantizará el acceso seguro a los servicios de salud y educación en aquellas áreas afectadas por la violencia crónica.
Hugo Slim August 29, 2016
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