Metropolitan Governance

The Brookings Institution’s Bruce Katz sees a coming rise of ‘New Localism’
Neal Peirce January 13, 2017
The first paper from the Metropolis Observatory also strikes a hopeful tone with recommendations on ways to make urban areas more inclusive and livable.
David Hatch January 5, 2017
Local authorities are pushing to fundamentally move away from the longstanding dominance of the nation-state. How can we ensure that this is for the best?
Diane E. Davis December 5, 2016
With plan for ‘metropolis’ status, Mayor Denis Coderre wants a new relationship with Québec.
Gregory Scruggs November 30, 2016

Annexation of East Cleveland would only proceed if funding is available to meet the suburb’s development and infrastructure needs, reports.  

September 27, 2016

At least 19 massive urban zones are envisioned that would integrate the infrastructure, economies and governance of regional cities, Bloomberg View reports.

September 1, 2016
Mientras algunos hablan de construir murallas, este proyecto intentará cruzar la frontera entre Brownsville y Matamoros.
Ana Arana August 26, 2016
While Donald Trump talks of a border wall, local officials on both sides are identifying ways to cooperate with each other.
Ana Arana August 26, 2016
While cities are taking on increasingly robust roles in global trade, much work needs to be done to enable all such areas to access related benefits. In this, Habitat III can play an important part.
Brian H. Roberts June 6, 2016
Even as the world is becoming increasingly urban, it’s also becoming increasingly metropolitan. The New Urban Agenda is a timely opportunity to consolidate guidance on what we’ve learned so far.
Mats Andersson May 31, 2016

The capital of Bangladesh plans to absorb 16 adjacent, fast-urbanizing communities so it can extend municipal services to them, The Daily Star reports. 

May 11, 2016
How does the Habitat III draft strategy address local authorities?
May 11, 2016
What commonalities are shared by the U.S., Europe and Central Asia? Mega-regions, connectivity, supra-nationality — and a need for migration.
Gregory Scruggs March 23, 2016

A master plan to absorb outlying areas stoked fears about loss of sovereignty for ethnic communities, the New York Times reports. 

January 26, 2016
On the back of the Habitat III process, recent months have seen a strengthening in global acknowledgement of the critical coming role of metropolitan areas.
Neal Peirce and Farley Peters January 8, 2016
A new metropolitan governance body for Greater Paris was born on January 1. Will it improve coordination of the area's many local governments or merely add a new layer of bureaucracy?
Gregory Scruggs January 8, 2016
The story of the coming urban explosion is one of the rise of medium-sized cities. But the world’s planners and authorities have yet to accept this fact.
Borja M. Iglésias November 6, 2015
High-level document, which urges enabling legislation, will now constitute formal input into the Habitat III process.
Gregory Scruggs October 19, 2015
At the heart of a thriving region, the formal thematic meeting discussed the new era of metropolitanization and offered input to the New Urban Agenda.
Gregory Scruggs October 14, 2015
Report is meant as a handbook for local authorities and others in deciding which form of governance structure may work best for their region.
Carey L. Biron October 6, 2015
Local leaders increasingly talk of ‘Greater Montréal’ — and mean it.
Flavie Halais October 2, 2015
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