As opposed to simply managing safety, the term implies creating conditions on the ground that can make urban environments secure.
David Hatch March 28, 2017
Lessons from one of the world's most sophisticated systems for valuing and taxing property.
Letty Reimerink November 4, 2016
Two divergent visions of what the world’s cities could look like by 2036.
Sameh Wahba October 31, 2016
Behind Mayor Sergei Sobyanin’s ambitious effort to make Moscow more livable like other European capitals.
Timothy Misir October 28, 2016
Just as nations adopt the Habitat III outcome strategy, four towering figures in urbanism announce a treatise on cities and planning. One of those was Habitat III head Joan Clos.
Gregory Scruggs October 20, 2016
Justo en el momento en que las naciones adoptan a estrategia de resultados Hábitat III, cuatro destacadas figuras del urbanismo anuncian un tratado respecto a las ciudades y a la planificación. Uno de ellos fue el líder de Hábitat III Joan Clos.
Gregory Scruggs October 20, 2016
Lessons from a series of simple interventions.
Christopher Swope October 19, 2016
A new plan aims to guide more compact, transit-oriented development of the city through 2040.
Brendon Bosworth October 18, 2016
‘Intermediary’ cities host 70,000 new people a day, a trend expected for decades. But lawmakers have yet to fully recognize this reality.
Patralekha Chatterjee October 18, 2016

City leaders can take advantage of emerging technologies and an evolving marketplace to sidestep national governments, Arup says. 

October 12, 2016

City networks have gained favor because they facilitate idea-sharing and public-private partnerships, Nature reports. 

October 5, 2016

The Japanese government funded major technology retrofits in Yokohama, Keihanna, Toyota and Kitakyushu, OpenGov reports. 

September 30, 2016

Annexation of East Cleveland would only proceed if funding is available to meet the suburb’s development and infrastructure needs, reports.  

September 27, 2016
La Nueva Agenda Urbana debe tener en cuenta las amenazas de su aplicación en Estados autoritarios y corruptos.
Mona Harb September 26, 2016
The New Urban Agenda must take into account the threats of implementation in authoritarian and corrupt states.
Mona Harb September 26, 2016

Financial accountability, transparency and gender equality are among the key priorities, Prothom Alo reports.

September 21, 2016
The Habitat III strategy ‘doesn’t go far enough on financing’, one observer noted at an event on the eve of the U.N. General Assembly.
Gregory Scruggs September 20, 2016
La estrategia de Hábitat III “no se explaya lo suficiente sobre el financiamiento”, señaló un observador en un evento realizado en la víspera de la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas.
Gregory Scruggs September 20, 2016
Una gobernanza urbana colaborativa y vigorosos mecanismos de seguimiento serán las claves para el éxito de la Nueva Agenda Urbana.
Christoph Beier September 12, 2016
Collaborative urban governance and robust follow-up mechanisms will be key to a successful New Urban Agenda.
Christoph Beier September 12, 2016
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