A Global Role for Cities

A Global Role for Cities
Twenty-six members of the International Carbon Action Partnership celebrated its 10th anniversary by pledging to strengthen cooperation in establishing carbon markets.
Gregory Scruggs September 1, 2017
13 puntos clave de una recopilación que se filtró sobre los cambios sugeridos por los gobiernos a la segunda versión de la estrategia Hábitat III.
Gregory Scruggs July 14, 2016
13 takeaways from a leaked compilation of government-suggested changes to the second iteration of the Habitat III strategy.
Gregory Scruggs July 14, 2016
The U.N.’s key mechanism for tracking progress on the new Sustainable Development Goals meets 11-20 July. What insights does it offer for the Habitat III process?
Gregory Scruggs July 8, 2016

Urban areas account for half the world’s population, but generate more than two-thirds of the fossil-fuel emissions, Clean Technica reports.  

July 7, 2016
Habitat III can play a key role in facilitating the democratic participation of citizens that are demanding to be centre stage in developing public policy.
Ada Colau May 23, 2016
At ‘unprecedented’ sessions this week, cities spoke directly with national governments — and decried their status as mere ‘observers’ of the multilateral process.
Gregory Scruggs May 18, 2016
Esta semana, en sesiones “sin precedentes”, portavoces de las ciudades hablaron directamente con autoridades nacionales y protestaron su estatus de meros “observadores” en el proceso multilateral.
Gregory Scruggs May 18, 2016
How does the Habitat III draft strategy address local authorities?
May 11, 2016
With the release of the draft New Urban Agenda in sight, diplomats at the highest levels are starting to link the Habitat III process and the Sustainable Development Goals.
Gregory Scruggs May 4, 2016
Through Habitat III, it’s up to national leaders and the international community to take the next step: to share powers, means and responsibilities with local and regional authorities.
Josep Roig May 2, 2016
On Friday, a record 175 states signed a new global, 15-year accord to work to limit global warming. But it’s not clear if their action will come quickly enough to stave off climate change’s worst effects.
Gregory Scruggs April 26, 2016
An intergovernmental panel voted not to do an immediate report on urban areas but rather to incorporate new emphasis on cities in all of its coming assessments.
Carey L. Biron April 20, 2016
The New York Proposal for Inclusive Growth in Cities challenges local authorities to ensure that economic growth prioritizes equity and sustainability.
Neal Peirce April 1, 2016
The U.N. has given preliminary approval to the last and most technical part of the new Sustainable Development Goals framework. Yet that has left open key, contentious questions around the role that cities and civil society will play in monitoring.
Carey L. Biron March 28, 2016
The Second World Assembly of Local Authorities, created at Habitat II, marks ‘the maturity of the international local and regional governments movement,” one organizer said.
Gregory Scruggs March 17, 2016
More than anyone else, the process of drafting the New Urban Agenda will fall to María Duarte and Maryse Gautier.
Gregory Scruggs January 14, 2016
2015 ushered in watershed new development and climate frameworks. Urban advocates are hoping that 2016, and the adoption of the New Urban Agenda, will provide a clear roadmap for action on these agreements.
Gregory Scruggs December 17, 2015
Framework seen as among the most progressive in the U.N. system. New negotiating schedule offers first-ever hearing between local authorities and national governments, official says.
Gregory Scruggs December 14, 2015
The Paris climate accord is notable for its robust framework on monitoring and evaluation. Habitat III will need something similar — and the groundwork already exists for an exciting conversation on this issue.
Neal Peirce December 14, 2015
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