Financing for Development

The international Financing for Development conference took place in mid-July 2015, just as negotiations were finishing up on the landmark new Sustainable Development Goals. That was no coincidence: Financing for Development was a major opportunity for the global community to begin putting in place new mechanisms with which to pay for the far-reaching development goals that have been envisioned.

The Habitat III strategy ‘doesn’t go far enough on financing’, one observer noted at an event on the eve of the U.N. General Assembly.
Gregory Scruggs September 20, 2016
La estrategia de Hábitat III “no se explaya lo suficiente sobre el financiamiento”, señaló un observador en un evento realizado en la víspera de la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas.
Gregory Scruggs September 20, 2016
Last week, a key series of discussions on financing sustainable urban development included multiple sessions on the issue.
Emilio Godoy March 15, 2016
‘Financing is consistently at the heart of challenges local governments face,’ said Montréal Mayor Denis Coderre at this week’s thematic meeting in Mexico City, urging delegates to be ‘creative’.
Gregory Scruggs March 10, 2016
The Addis Ababa conference may not have lived up to its potential, but city leaders can still drive the agenda forward.
Aniket Shah July 24, 2015
Technology Facilitation Mechanism excites developing countries and urbanists alike.
Gregory Scruggs July 22, 2015
But the World Bank says proposed Goal 11 will help strengthen efforts in urban areas.
Gregory Scruggs July 20, 2015
Against the odds, the global community agreed on an ‘action agenda’ for financing development. But is it up to the challenges ahead?
July’s Financing for Development conference is paying new attention to city-level development financing. But local authorities are still not recognized as central to the debate.
Municipal financing offers long-term opportunities to implement the new Sustainable Development Goals. But international negotiations, even in their final stages, have yet to recognize this.
Felix Dodds June 12, 2015
“Zero draft” also proposes changes to 21 targets, including two for Goal 11.
Carey L. Biron June 3, 2015
At joint negotiations, calls for sub-national and disaggregated data excite urbanists.
Gregory Scruggs May 12, 2015
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