COP 21

The Paris climate summit, known as COP 21, took place in November-December 2015. The summit’s key objective was to agree on an international accord to keep global average temperature rise to below 2 degrees Celsius. Cities were a significant actor in this process and now are positioned to play a key role in the implementation of the Paris outcome.

On Friday, a record 175 states signed a new global, 15-year accord to work to limit global warming. But it’s not clear if their action will come quickly enough to stave off climate change’s worst effects.
Greg Scruggs April 26, 2016
An intergovernmental panel voted not to do an immediate report on urban areas but rather to incorporate new emphasis on cities in all of its coming assessments.
Carey L. Biron April 20, 2016
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will vote this week on whether to publish a first-ever special report on cities and climate change.
Carey L. Biron April 11, 2016
The New York Proposal for Inclusive Growth in Cities challenges local authorities to ensure that economic growth prioritizes equity and sustainability.
Neal Peirce April 1, 2016
In December in Paris, mayors demonstrated they are key players in the response to climate change. Habitat III can now strengthen global momentum and respond to the mayoral call to put climate-change mitigation and adaptation atop the urban agenda.
Emmanuelle Pinault and Mandy Ikert and Zachary Tofias February 8, 2016
Following the Paris climate talks, the Habitat III process this month turns its focus to renewables and efficiency.
Greg Scruggs January 13, 2016
2015 ushered in watershed new development and climate frameworks. Urban advocates are hoping that 2016, and the adoption of the New Urban Agenda, will provide a clear roadmap for action on these agreements.
Greg Scruggs December 17, 2015
The Paris climate accord is notable for its robust framework on monitoring and evaluation. Habitat III will need something similar — and the groundwork already exists for an exciting conversation on this issue.
Neal Peirce December 14, 2015
Questions remain about financing mechanisms for local and regional governments.
Greg Scruggs December 14, 2015
Details to be finalized over coming year. Newly announced U.N. ‘urban hub’ also to come up with plan on cities and climate before COP 22.
Alecia D. McKenzie December 10, 2015
As local leaders seize the spotlight, what motivates mayors to act against climate change?
Greg Scruggs December 9, 2015
Buildings are responsible for a third of all greenhouse-gas emissions and are seen as the single easiest and most effective way for cities to make significant climate contributions.
Carey L. Biron December 8, 2015
Mayors and other subnational officials are everywhere in Paris, urging greater focus on financing and implementation as COP 21 accord nears adoption.
Greg Scruggs December 8, 2015
In a first-of-its-kind summit, local authorities pledged support for 100 percent renewable energy and 80 percent reduction in emissions. They also called for city-level climate coordination ahead of next year’s Habitat III conference.
Greg Scruggs December 5, 2015
Of the eight projects recently approved for the first round of funding under the landmark new Green Climate Fund, not a single one came from the subnational level. Now, the Paris climate summit needs to recognize the efforts of cities.
Neha Rai and Marek Soanes and Ced Hesse December 4, 2015
U.N. released “Guiding Principles for City Climate Action Planning”.
Greg Scruggs December 4, 2015
Seeking investors for ‘transformative’ local climate projects at COP 21.
Alecia D. McKenzie and Christopher Swope December 4, 2015
The Quito conference “could be a significant occasion for identifying ways of responding” to problems of urban poverty and inequality, the pontiff said in Nairobi.
Greg Scruggs December 1, 2015
Mayors and other local officials set to make strong showing at Paris summit.
Greg Scruggs November 30, 2015
To speak of failure around publicly funded projects is a taboo. But how else can we learn from the inevitable pitfalls of dealing with the uncertainty inherent to climate change?
Kaj Fischer and Marcus Andreas and Minu Hemmati November 29, 2015
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