How a German city once synonymous with coal and steel became Europe's 'Green Capital'.
Simone d'Antonio February 16, 2017
The city that invented a music genre looks for lessons from the city that popularized it.
Gregory Scruggs May 27, 2016
Series of high-level meetings comes as the European Union is formulating its common position for negotiations around the New Urban Agenda.
Neal Peirce May 11, 2016

A church, mosque and synagogue would be located in the same structure, with worshippers entering through one door, Jewniverse reports. 

December 29, 2015

Germany’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology sees energy production potential in warm underground water below cities, according to Science Daily

December 23, 2015

The German city is looking at creating a regional highway network for cyclists, Fast Company reports. 

August 11, 2015
With help from its surrounding community, a school once synonymous with violence is now a model for educating immigrants.
Nadja Sayej July 9, 2015

The German financial capital wins international recognition for devoting half of the city to recreational space and vegetation intended to lessen the impacts of climate change, CNBC reports. 

February 25, 2015

A new Berlin supermarket requires shoppers to bring their own containers while food markets planned for London would cater to the poor with cashless transactions, USA Today and the Daily Mail report. 

November 4, 2014

The Vauban district in Freiburg, Germany has reduced its environmental footprint through meticulous planning, the Sustainable Cities Collective says. 

March 10, 2014

Through an ambitious system of pedestrian and bicycle paths, Hamburg hopes to go car-free by 2020, Arch Daily reports.

January 21, 2014
Berlin’s “Neighborhood Mothers” program opens doors and reaches out to immigrants and suggests a global model.
Birgit Heitfeld October 15, 2013
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