UPDATE: Quito Questions: How do I apply to attend Habitat III?

Align yourself with an accredited organization or apply for special accreditation by 2 May.

This week we’re kicking off Citiscope’s new platform for answers to reader questions about Habitat III, the New Urban Agenda and beyond, a series we’re calling Quito Questions. Want to take part? Contact information is below.

We’ll start with two queries on logistics and long-term planning — a requirement that becomes shorter-term by the day!

Where are the applications for attendance to Habitat III? I attended the Future of Places in July 2015 in Stockholm and want to get an early jump on securing a place in October in Quito.

— Victor Marshand Webb

Is Quito an invite-only event or is it possible to voluntarily attend in one’s personal or professional capacity? If so, what are the costs involved?

— Annelien Basson, town and regional planner, South Africa

That depends whether or not you have “accreditation”. Delegates to Habitat III will not come in an individual capacity but rather as part of an organization — a city government, say, or a university or NGO. So it’s not so much an application you are looking for but rather figuring out if you are part of an accredited organization — or one that could seek accreditation.

First off, if your organization was accredited at Habitat II in 1996 or currently accredited to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), then you’re all set and can start packing your bags for Quito. If you have neither, then special accreditation for Habitat III will open in March with a deadline of 2 May. Check www.habitat3.org and/or contact habitat3secretariat@un.org for updates. (UPDATE: The application process for special accreditation is now open.)

[See: Special accreditation opens for stakeholder participation at Habitat III]

Other activities in Quito, such as the Second World Assembly of Local Authorities and the stakeholders forum (the exact name of which is not yet known), will not require the same U. N. accreditation. Still, they will probably have their own accreditation procedures to accommodate both individuals and  organizations.

There is no registration cost or other fee to attend Habitat III as a delegate — provided you represent an accredited organization. The same is probably true of nearly all side events in Quito. However, the costs of travel and accommodations are your responsibility.

As for securing a place in Quito, reserving accommodations now is definitely recommended!

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