Calendar: Toward Habitat III

Updated 23 August.


What follows is a month-by-month breakdown of important events in four interlocking global discussions, those around Financing for Development (FFD), the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Paris climate summit (COP 21) and the Habitat III cities conference (H3).

As Citiscope’s reporting will continue to cover, each of these discussions will lead directly into the Habitat III process and the drafting of the New Urban Agenda in very specific, though yet-to-be-determined ways. Leveraging these interlinkages, however, can only take place if all involved are clear on the common schedule.

This calendar functions as a companion to Citiscope’s narrative explainer on the processes that will get us to Habitat III in October 2016, “The Road to Quito”. While this timeline will offer a far more granular, regularly updated view of major events taking place up to the conference, it will not be comprehensive. Useful additional calendars include those for the post-2015 development process, the UNFCCC, the Financing for Development conference, UN-Habitat and the World Urban Campaign.

For a full calendar of global cities-related conferences and events, see Citiscope’s calendar here.

Questions, comments? E-mail Citiscope’s Habitat III editor at cbiron [at] citiscope [dot] org.

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September 2016

7-9 September 2016
H3: Informal intergovernmental meetings
New York

October 2016

October 2016
H3: General Assembly of Partners meeting
Quito, Ecuador

17-20 October 2016
H3: Habitat III conference!

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