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Singapore unveils ‘SkyLab’ to test energy-efficient technologies

Singapore's new rooftop 'SkyLab' will be used to test an array of energy-efficiency building technologies.

To see the future of energy-efficient architecture in the tropics, look to a rooftop in Singapore.

The city-state’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA) announced the debut of SkyLab, a cutting-edge, rotating facility described as the first of its kind in the world.

It will be used to test an array of energy-efficiency technologies, such as LED lighting and “chilled beam” systems that use recirculated water to cool warm air. The lab also will serve as a test bed for facade designs that can keep buildings cool inside. By rotating the lab, researchers can evaluate how the angle of the sun affects various innovations.

The project is a collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California. It is modeled after Lawrence Berkeley’s FLEXLAB (Facility for Low Energy Experiments in Buildings), the BCA says. reports that Singapore’s version is located on the roof of the newly inaugurated Academic Tower, the education and research arm of BCA.

Watch a virtual flythrough below. 

Building and Construction Authority (BCA)

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