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Nine Thai cities get tough on climate change

Phuket is one of nine Thai cities to join the Compact of Mayors as well as a separte national resilience effort. yari2000 /

Searing temperatures and worsening floods have prompted nine Thai cities to prioritize climate action. The nine mayors have committed to the Compact of Mayors, a consortium that works with global cities to mitigate climate change. The development marks the first time that Thai municipalities have joined the group, according to an announcement on Medium.

The cities are Sisaket, Phuket, Kokruat, Phanomsarakham, Mapammarit, Yasothon, Phanatnikom, Hat Siao and Lampan. They have pledged to reduce fossil-fuel emissions, better prepare for evolving climatic conditions and monitor their progress, the article says.

The announcement about their pledge to the Compact followed their participation in the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction’s (UNISDR) Low Carbon and Disaster Resilient Cities event in Bangkok. The gathering was held on March 24.

Meanwhile, the nine cities separately joined a new program, the “Low Carbon and Disaster Resilient Cities in Thailand.” This initiative, sponsored by the National Municipal League of Thailand, aims to coordinate climate change mitigation and disaster risk across the Southeast Asian nation. 

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