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Less than one-fifth of Nairobi is safe, report says

Children living in the Kibera section of Nairobi, Kenya. A new report evaluates safety, street lighting and transit access across the city. (Aleksandar Todorovic/Shutterstock)

New data indicate that less than 18 percent of Nairobi is considered safe from crime.

According to the Daily Nation, the findings are contained in an audit by Nairobi City County and UN-Habitat’s Safer Cities Programme.

The City’s Report on the State of Urban Security ranks Nairobi 231 on a safety index of 277 global cities, the article says. The researchers analyzed safety along 744 kms (462 miles) of roads throughout Kenya’s capital and largest city.

The data also indicate that only 56 percent of Nairobi streets are well lit or have access to public transport. As a result of the report, city residents are now able to ascertain the safety of their neighborhoods,” the article says.

An accompanying mobile app that visualizes the findings will help residents avoid dangerous neighborhoods and guide city leaders on shaping crime prevention policies. The app was designed by Safetipin, an India-based startup that aims to make cities more inclusive, especially for women and children.

Daily Nation

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