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Hidalgo’s ‘radical’ vision for a car-free Paris

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo says it’s time to reclaim the city’s streets from cars and turn them over to public transit, cyclists and pedestrians. (_RoScO_/flickr/cc)

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo is not satisfied with limits on cars. In her utopian vision for the City of Light, she’d ban them. The Star’s Christopher Hume reports that Hidalgo views congestion as a critical public health issue.

“I would like to give Parisians back the space that cars have taken from them,” Hidalgo tells the Toronto-based newspaper. “Reconquering the city involves reorienting our actions around nature and human beings,” she says.

Hidalgo is chipping away at her city’s automobile dependency. The mayor plans to ban diesel by 2020 and reduce parking spaces by 55,000 per year, the article says. She’s also spearheading an effort to make the Right Bank of the Seine pedestrian-friendly after successfully adding walking paths along the Left Bank of the river.

Vehicles are being deemphasized in other ways. To combat air pollution, she banned most cars for one Sunday in September and made public transit temporarily free in March. She also is rolling out limits on automobiles in central Paris. 

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