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Floating city planned for South Pacific

A small "floating city" that can accommodate 90 residents is coming to French Polynesia. (Seasteading Institute)

A small “floating city” that can accommodate 90 residents is coming to French Polynesia.

Melia Robinson reports for Business Insider that the community would consist of three floating platforms, each half the size of an American football field. 

The project is a partnership between the Pacific island chain, which is a territory of France, and the Seasteading Institute. That’s a think-tank cofounded by two Silicon Valley luminaries, technology venture capitalist Peter Thiel and Google software engineer Patri Friedman, dedicated to exploring the feasibility of floating communities. 

French Polynesia is threatened by rising seas linked to climate change. A waterborne community could provide a safer alternative for at-risk island dwellers.

The floating city could easily be expanded by adding additional platforms, the article says. The Seasteading Institute explains here that the “special economic zone” would serve as a testbed for new technologies and social innovation. Construction is expected to begin in 2017, with the project completed three years later at a cost of at least US$30 million. 

Business Insider

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