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Delhi slashes bus fare in bid to curb pollution

Delhi is reducing bus fares by as much as 75 percent for the month of January, when India's capital is often thick with haze. (Ramesh NG/Wikimedia Commons)

Smog-choked Delhi has reduced bus fare up to 75 percent in a bid to tackle air pollution.

Faizan Haidar reports for the Hindustan Times that the low fares are in effect during January, when India’s capital is often thick with haze.

The goal is to curb emissions by thinning the volume of cars on the roads. Students under age 21, seniors and widows can ride free with passes that can be renewed annually, the article says. Permanent 75-percent discounts would be available for women and the poor.

Private automobiles are surging in sprawling Delhi, where buses sometimes run their routes empty, the Times says. While nearly 22 percent of the city’s commuters use buses, the share of coaches in respect to the number of registered vehicles on the city’s roads is less than half a percent.

For some Delhites, these changes may not be enough. NPR reports here on a noticeable trend: middle class residents fleeing temporarily or permanently to places with fresher air. 

Hindustan Times

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