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Tokyo reaches for renewable energy gold in 2020

Japan is planning to ramp up its deployment of solar and other renewable energy sources ahead of its hosting of the 2020 Summer Olympics. (Tokyo Environmental Public Service Corporation)

When Tokyo hosts the Summer Olympics in 2020, the city hopes to showcase its sprint toward renewable energy. Junko Movellan reports for Renewable Energy World that municipal leaders are aiming for 20 percent of power from solar, hydropower and other clean sources by 2024.

The megacity of more than 13 million is at 6 percent reliance on renewables now, the article says. The Olympics will provide an opportunity for Tokyo to flaunt its transformation. The massive rooftop of the main Olympic stadium will be equipped with solar panels. The building also will generate energy from other fossil-fuel alternatives, the article says.

To accelerate solar implementation, the city created a special map that pinpoints where photovoltaic cells are most effective. The Tokyo Solar Register accounts for variables such as rooftop size and tilt and shade intensity, Movellan writes. The city even rents solar panels to homeowners and businesses that can’t afford to buy them.

Another goal is to jumpstart fuel-cell transportation and infrastructure by 2020. The city plans to deploy 6,100 fuel-cell cars and buses, add 35 hydrogen-refilling stations and promote residential adoption of the vehicles, which emit only water. 

Renewable Energy World

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