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Ten urban innovations that may re-shape cities of the future

Hydroponic agriculture is one of ten innovations that may re-shape cities of the future. (ssguy/

Get ready for augmented mobility, smart water management and more shared space. These breakthroughs are among the next wave of innovations that could revolutionize cities, according to the World Economic Forum.

The NGO has compiled the top ten urban advancements on the horizon. The list includes an “Internet of pipes” controlled by sensors that manage water flow in concert with cloud-based technology. Watch for cities to reconfigure their entire space, by enhancing walkability or contracting urban footprints, and for more sharing of public and private space.

Augmented mobility can involve adding a battery-powered wheel to a bicycle to ease commutes up steep hills. Urban farms are set for a huge leap — onto rooftops and the sides of walls. This would be enabled by “soil-less, hydroponic systems to grow food right on the consumer’s doorstep,” the report says. Check out all ten innovations here. 

World Economic Forum

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