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Oslo to ban most cars from city center by 2019

Oslo, Norway plans to ban most cars from its city center by 2019. (Mariano Mantel/flickr/cc)

Oslo is the latest city to announce that it will ban cars from its city center.

Reuters reports that Norway aims to make much of its capital auto-free by 2019. The move would be accompanied by a significant funding boost for public transit, cyclists and pedestrians. The newly elected city council has approved at least 60 more kilometers (37 miles) of bike lanes and expansion of the bus and tram network, the article says.

London, Paris and Madrid are among the European capitals that dissuade drivers through congestion charges, temporary driving bans and auto-free zones. Oslo’s plan should be relatively easy to implement because the sleepy capital’s population is only 600,000. Many owners of the city’s estimated 350,000 cars live outside Oslo’s city center, Reuters notes. Meanwhile, the ban would exempt vehicles used to transport disabled people and goods.


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