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Islamabad opens Pakistan's first integrated recycling center

A new "integrated resource recovery center" in Islamabad handles recycling, composting and biogas production of solid waste. (Eliane Haykal/

In Islamabad, municipal waste is being harnessed as a resource to ease pressure on landfills. According to UN-Habitat, the city last week inaugurated Pakistan’s first “Integrated Resource Recovery Center.” It can handle recycling, composting and biogas production of refuse from homes and businesses, including vegetable markets.

The center is a pilot project. If successful, more of them would be added throughout Islamabad and in Rawalpindi, the article says. The plant, which debuted September 17, is expected to process three tons of garbage per day.

The project is a collaboration between Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP) and UN-Habitat, the article says. The UN helped launch similar centers in cities in Vietnam, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.


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