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Half a billion dollars is needed to heat Kyrgyz Republic cities

The World Bank says massive upgrades are needed to heating infrastructure in the cities of Bishkek (above) and Tokmok.(Nikita Maykov/Shutterstock)

The harsh winters in cities in the Kyrgyz Republic are made worse by aging heating infrastructure that is inefficient, prone to breakdowns and a major source of indoor pollution. According to the World Bank, $214 million in public and private funds is needed now to improve heating in Bishkek and Tokmok. Over the long-term, $515 million is required.

The article notes that up to 25 percent of residential and public heating demand goes unmet in both cities each year. District heating systems that warm structures with water or steam serve only a fifth of the nation’s urban population because they are prone to mechanical failures. Meanwhile, residential tariffs cover only 13 percent to 50 percent of the heating supply.

Among the World Bank’s recommendations: modernize district heating systems, replace coal-fired boilers with gas-fired versions and launch energy-efficiency initiatives. The Republic, which rarely makes headlines, is wedged between Kazakhstan, China, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Click here for an infographic about heating in the Kyrgyz Republic.

World Bank

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