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Frankfurt hailed for its ample greenery

Frankfurt, Germany wins international recognition for devoting half of the city to recreational space and vegetation intended to lessen the impacts of climate change. (D.Bond/

Frankfurt has been named the world’s most “sustainable” city in a new ranking that measures eco-friendly initiatives and inclusive economic growth. Ansuya Harjani reports for CNBC that the German city wins plaudits for its generous green space. The Sustainable Cities Index of 50 global cities was compiled by Arcadis, an Amsterdam-based design consultancy.

Fifty-two percent of the municipality has been set aside for recreation and vegetation designed to lessen the impacts of climate change, the article says. The natural habitats include parks, woodlands, meadows, grassland, gardens and waterways. Harjani notes that Frankfurt is a founding member of the Climate Alliance of European Cities, which pledge to cut fossil-fuel emissions in half by 2030.

European urban centers dominate the top five rankings, with Frankfurt followed by London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The top-ten rankings also include three Asian cities noted for environmental progress: Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong. Jakarta, Manila, Mumbai, Wuhan and Delhi, all rapidly-growing Asian cities, ranked low in the index, with Nairobi coming in last.


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