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Dakar’s e-waste lab teaches youth about sustainability

Young participants at Fablab's Jerry Can workshop check out some computer parts. (Mel Bailey/Africa Rizing)

In Dakar, an innovative workshop teaches the city’s youth important lessons about recycling and environmental protection. Mel Bailey reports for Africa Rizing that the Fablab educates youngsters on ways to transform discarded electronics into working computers.

Tossed out cellphones and computers are shipped from developed countries that don’t want to dispose of the material on their own soil, the article says. That is because electronics contain hazardous materials and gases. The children learn how to safely repair the devices — or combine parts to build something new.

The lab aims for simplicity by relying on methods that require few tools and no drilling or welding. E-waste is often shipped to West Africa and Asia because disposal policies are more lenient, Bailey notes. Senegal has pledged to recycle e-waste by the end of next year. 

Africa Rizing

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