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Road safety competition for developing cities

Bloomberg Philanthropies announced a $125 million competition to promote road safety in developing cities and countries. (xuanhuongho /

It’s the bane of poor cities worldwide. A dearth of safe crosswalks and inadequate (or nonexistent) signage and lights that make crossing streets a risky endeavor. More than a million perish each year, and up to 50 million are severely injured, in traffic accidents.

To address the problem, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced this week that it is launching a global competition designed to reduce road fatalities in developing cities and countries.

The philanthropy says the competition will invite “low-and middle-income” cities and nations with populations over 2 million to apply for grants. Applicants will compete for $125 million to be spent on road and infrastructure improvements and measures to reduce speeds and combat drunk driving. The funds also will help increase use of motorcycle helmets, seat belts, child restraints and improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists. The money will be distributed over five years.

Bloomberg Philanthropies plans to work with city and national leaders on road safety legislation to accomplish many of these goals. The contest comes on the heels of the philanthropy’s announcement of the winners of the Bloomberg Mayors Challenge.

Bloomberg Philanthropies

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