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In Lima, a billboard that cleans dirty air

In heavily polluted Lima, researchers designed an “air-purifying” billboard to help cleanse filthy air. (University of Technology and Engineering)

In Lima, a specially designed billboard is a sign of progress on air pollution. Niamh Ni Mhaoileoin reports for Ozy that Peru’s University of Technology and Engineering (UTEC) has developed an “air-purifying” billboard.

The billboard draws foul air — the filthiest in Latin America — into a water tank and emits fresh air on the other side. UTEC estimates that the “particle scrubbing” accomplished by the billboard is as effective as 1,200 trees, the article says.

This is the second innovative billboard engineered by the university. In 2012, the university developed a billboard that transforms humidity into potable water for poor communities in Lima. That billboard has proven useful because Lima receives little precipitation each year but has a climate with very moist air.


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