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Buenos Aires on track with commuter rail overhaul

The commuter rail system that serves Buenos Aires is receiving a major overhaul after years of neglect. (galio/flickr/cc)

The commuter rail system that serves Buenos Aires has suffered from neglect and mismanagement for more than a decade. The result of that decline was a horrific accident in 2012 that claimed 51 lives when a train arriving at a transit hub lost its brakes.

Drew Reed reports for CityMetric that the tragedy was a wake-up call for the city. The crash prompted a $1.2 billion effort to modernize the fleet. The introduction of new cars on two lines earlier this year already is having a positive effect, the article says. Some commuters who abandoned trains for cars are beginning to rediscover the rail lines.

The overhaul is significant because Buenos Aires boasts the largest commuter rail network in Latin America and one of the most extensive in the world. If the effort succeeds, it could encourage more residents to consider housing options outside the city’s overcrowded central corridor, Reed notes.   


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