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100 urban windmills to power Copenhagen

Copenhagen's skyline will soon add 100 windmills. (Thomas Rousing/flickr/cc)

Copenhagen will soon be synonymous with windmills. Elisabeth Braw reports for Newsweek that the Danish capital recently debuted three turbines right in the city and plans to introduce 97 more.

The windmills are part of the city’s wider effort to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025. The designation would mean that Copenhagen offsets any greenhouse gas emissions through measures such as tree plantings and renewable energy production.

Wind power is a natural step for Copenhagen given that Denmark already generates a third of its energy from this source, the article says. The turbines rising above Copenhagen cost less than half that of their sea-based counterparts. That’s partly due to the increased efficiency of producing energy close to population centers. Other members of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group are closely eyeing Copenhagen’s experience, Braw writes.

Turbines have their detractors. Critics complain about noise, hulking eyesores, bird strikes and the risk of wind towers toppling during storms. Copenhagen restricts windmills from architecturally sensitive areas and sells “shares” in wind energy to encourage civic participation.


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