Board of Directors

Donald Borut, Chairman
Former executive director, the National League of Cities

Richard C. D. Fleming, Vice Chairman
Chairman & CEO Community Development Ventures, Inc. in St. Louis. Former CEO of the St. Louis Regional Chamber and the Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce

Christine Platt, Secretary
Former president, Commonwealth Association of Planners, Durban

Barbara Berninger
Director of International Affairs, Berlin’s Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment

Gail Christopher
Vice president, the Kellogg Foundation; former director, Innovations in Government Program, Harvard University

Tom Downs
Member of the Board of Advisors of Network Rail Consulting, London, and past Chairman, Washington Metro

William Stafford
Retired president, Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle and leader of its international city study missions

Nicholas You
Veteran urban analyst and planner; former U. N. Habitat official

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