Yes and no, writes journalist Letty Reimerink, who spent three months studying the escalators' economic and social effects in the city's Comuna 13.
By Letty Reimerink / July 24, 2014
The cities hope being less proscriptive about what they want to buy will let entrepreneurs bring more innovative ideas to everyday urban problems.
By Christopher Swope / July 17, 2014
L.A. may be a young city still but it's creating a model for how to chronicle its historic resources.
By Nate Berg / July 2, 2014
Some 21 European cities are competing for huge prize money in a contest of innovative ideas. For two days in Berlin, the rivals became collaborators.
By Neal Peirce / June 25, 2014
Seoul's "smart work centers" give overworked public-sector workers an alternative to long commutes and the possibility of work-life balance.
By Frances Heewon Cha / June 18, 2014
A new international standard known as “ISO 37120” lays out 46 measures that cities on any continent can measure their performance by.
By Neal Peirce / June 4, 2014