The multi-purpose dam also creates recreational opportunities for a crowded city.
By Grace Chua / September 25, 2014
In a settlement on the edge of Lilongwe, composting takes care of most of the trash — and provides a livelihood.
By Charles Mkula / September 18, 2014
A new outdoor lab near Copenhagen gives lighting vendors a place to showcase their latest designs and cities a place to view them in a real urban setting.
By Annemarie Zinck / September 11, 2014
An app heavily used in Amsterdam makes it easy for neighbors to borrow power drills, ladders and other stuff from each other — and also aspires to build community.
By Letty Reimerink / September 4, 2014
A city with too few parks for too many people is leaning on civic activism to improve its green space.
By Nabila Rahhal / August 27, 2014
New e-commerce models for fresh food show that farming the world’s cities will require marketing savvy as much as skill at growing food in urban settings.
By Flavie Halais / August 21, 2014