With a visitor surge crowding space in central Amsterdam, the city is marketing its neighborhoods as an alternative for tourists.
By Letty Reimerink / March 26, 2015
Much of Moscow's riverfront is a concrete barrier of roads, parking and industrial sites. Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has big plans to make it green.
By Timothy Misir / March 13, 2015
Milan is about to get 20 million visitors over six months. It will be the biggest test yet of "collaborative consumption."
By Simone d'Antonio / March 5, 2015
Lesson one: Listen to the residents.
By Shruti Shiva / February 27, 2015
Senegal's capital is hoping to become the first city to sell a bond in Sub-Sahara Africa, outside of South Africa.
By Christopher Swope and Tidiane Kassé / February 19, 2015
Child clubs are forming in cities across India to identify young leaders who can speak up for the needs of children.
By Patralekha Chatterjee / February 5, 2015